“Now More Than Ever”

This election has got me thinking about Richard Nixon. For all of his flaws, which were legion, he had depth. He had style. Bebe Rebozo would fix him chilled martinis at seven parts gin to one part vermouth. Of course, he also had a self-destructive streak that compelled him–and us–to live out a Greek tragedy called Watergate. What made the tragedy mythic was that Nixon was the ideal protagonist. He was a modern version of Richard III who was instrumental in creating the imperial presidency, which has been perfected since by Brand Obama. But he also opened up China, took … Continue reading “Now More Than Ever”

When Hiccups Arise

I am a hiccup. I didn’t know it until I read a university official’s email about a grant I had gotten. He was discussing the turmoil the grant created because it involves treasurers and CEOs rather than students. Meanwhile, it has taken weeks of discussions and budget corrections to get the thing processed, mainly because they couldn’t figure out where to put the money. During a weaker moment, I came close to telling them. Now, this guy was congratulating his team for their ability to work together “when hiccups arise.” The timing couldn’t be better, because I am working on … Continue reading When Hiccups Arise