Summertime Fedora Style

While preparing the next two blog posts (what, you thought I just got up and pounded out wisdom?), it occurred to me that you need something for summer vacation. You know, a little something to read at the beach that you don’t have to concentrate on (it isn’t Ulysses), doesn’t have a neon cover with a bare-chested pirate, and is printed on biodegradable paper so that you can walk away worry-free when you fling it in the sand. The solution: Laura Fedora.

LF Cover

Laura who? It’s the story of young love, crazy families, and a foot fetish, which is just the thing for the beach. You can ogle without being found out. You get additional benefit if you remember the Bicentennial, are a teenager, like red hair, or eat at Chinese restaurants.

For The Brancatelli Blog, look for “Under a Rock” this Sunday and “Father’s Day and Other Awkward Moments” for June 21. Just sayin…

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