Les Déplorables

Turns out Hillary Clinton was right. Well, half right. There are “deplorables,” but most of them weren’t at Trump rallies. They are showing up in cities across the land. Goaded by racist remarks like CNN commentator Van Jones’ “whitelash” and Michael Moore’s (Stupid White Men) five-point plan to retake the election, they will “go to the streets” to protest.

Protest what, exactly? The Electoral College? That is best done through a Constitutional amendment when both pro and con arguments can be made in rational ways over time. You don’t do it after an election in which your candidate lost. In fact, it is still too early to tell if Hillary won the popular vote, since several states have yet to report their final results. When those results come in, they probably will show Trump with more than 300 electoral votes, which is decisive.

While some people will be protesting that their candidate lost, the deplorables will not be out to protest but to riot, attack people, destroy property, and pillage businesses. One assumes they would do this even if the popular vote weren’t close. They have been whipped to hysteria by media portrayals of Trump as Adolf Hitler, which is pure irony, since they have adopted the street tactics of the Sturmabteilung (Brownshirts), pummeling anyone who opposes them or has the misfortune of being caught in a red ball cap.

For their part, the corporate controlled media continues to be “stunned,” which has become the word of the hour. They fumble with explanations: “anti-establishment year,” voter reluctance to admit the truth to pollsters, rural revolt. I find that last one particularly offensive, and I live in the middle of the largest metropolitan area in the country. Not only is it code, but it presumes that only rednecks voted for Trump, which is not the case. Once these uncouth people are reeducated, the logic goes, they will appreciate the wonders of a planned economy, egalitarian society, and gender-free bathrooms in elementary schools. Everything can be solved through reprogramming the mind.

What the media still doesn’t get is that millions of people voted not only against Hillary but for Trump. They rejected her vision of the country, which was to turn America into Sweden on steroids. If journalists had talked to people, they would have discovered that Trump supporters are not fascists or fanatics. They are concerned about a world in which the corporate state has turned them into rented slaves, to paraphrase Noam Chomsky.


It doesn’t matter that Google and others provide you with volleyball courts and nursing rooms. The corporate state and the global interests behind it not only bankrolled Hillary but have invested heavily in ongoing wars, as revealed by Julian Assange. This is perfectly aligned with the Obama administration, which has set records for global arms sales and whose cabinet was appointed by Citigroup.

Those who voted for Trump also talk about the preservation of individual rights and liberty. This includes arguments against political correctness. Since when does my desire not to be offended take precedence over your right to free speech? It doesn’t. I will have to be offended, even if that includes your choice of a tasteless Halloween costume. If you want to look like a fool, go right ahead. You have every right, and that right should be defended to the death. It has been defended to the death. We should honor it instead of imposing Orwellian rules like the ones now in effect at many universities and workplaces.

One has to wonder where these deplorables were at the Democratic convention. Why did they not riot against Hillary’s theft of the nomination? In 1968, massive riots in Chicago were directed not at Richard Nixon but the Democratic machine that churned out the establishment candidate, Hubert Humphrey. Robert Kennedy had been assassinated just two months prior.

Nearly fifty years later, the hatred is directed at a populist candidate who had the gall to stand alone, ego, warts, and all. What happened to Bernie’s supporters? More importantly, why did he fade away like MacArthur’s old soldier?

If you voted for Hillary and looked to her for leadership, you may be dejected, even despondent. You may feel betrayed. Just don’t compare this election to the attacks on September 11, which I have heard some commentators do on social media. For that would be truly deplorable.

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