Mittwoch Matinee

Today is April 1, International Dads Day (see International Dad’s Day and “Don’t Call Me Shirley”). This is the second annual celebration of the day, which is dedicated to dads everywhere: living, dead, new, old, granddad, stepdad, godfather, papa, and dad role models. I also include those who aren’t technically dads but have the dad gene embedded deep in their cellular structure, meaning they tell puns and laugh at their own jokes. These guys are usually uncles or chemistry teachers, often both.

Instead of listing dad jokes this year, since everyone is either sheltering at home or homing in on shelters, I have decided that the best use of our time (yours and mine) would be to play a practical joke on a family member. Any family member will do, although try to pick one for whom April Fools is more than an ersatz holiday. They’ve got to take fooling seriously. Don’t wipeout.

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