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 April 15

Reprieve [re·​prieve, ri-ˈprēv ]

transitive verb
(1) to delay the punishment of (someone, such as a condemned prisoner), (2) to give relief or deliverance to for a time.noun (1) the act of reprieving the state of being reprieved, (2) a formal temporary suspension of the execution of a sentence especially of death, (3) an order or warrant for a temporary suspension of the execution of a sentence, (4) a temporary respite (as from pain or trouble).  

Image credit: feature by Bruce Mars on Unsplash. “Reprieve,” Dictionary, Merriam-Webster, Accessed 14 Apr. 2020. For more, go to Robert Brancatelli. The Brancatelli Blog is a member of The Free Media Alliance, which promotes “alternatives to software, culture, and hardware monopolies.”


  1. Who? The katz parents who got arrested pass it around N Moscow? Why she decideded to buying Makup and shez meowin? Hey I was never imressedi in the first place.was
    Hold that thought..
    Why did anybody think that paddy was a pushover? Not me..n Dahl?
    You realize the hardship?
    Hot Lunch Room? Why was it so pungeontly comfortable..? Why did everybody prefer to eating in thishe Bike Room? Never Upsteers.
    Aparteid? I didn’t give a toot? A few if us.
    How bout the time I was publicly flogged In the stiockaide for curiously finding my way up to the roof. Cleaning erasherz..
    AKA ..Pat Bond..
    No girls liked me..Desparie..You.with that contageous Clark Gabe w a flair. He had itn cleft..
    Roma. And Republican!..otay..Martin itGlynn..Stop..Ponder..The Thinking Man!
    Now really..Pesh and Ray..ugh.Still this Day Games when I get home and..quarter.
    On my way a funny thing happened at the forum..Last week..Fore Ann in a Frog Suit n old friend of mine..haha I kid you not..Not u.I passed it out to Great Scott yesterday .Brancatelli Blog.. Oh…

    1. Mark Dahl, Jewett other side I went there once on My Way to Al‘s Pizzeria Jo Jo Was a Man Who couldn’t be a loner. Not with that bike although Clark Gable had problems too with Jimmy Durante‘s nose you think it was all roses? Pesh was a man from UNCLE, my uncle. Jedediah ribitribit…nice talking to the Bern.

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