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“Reader Responses” showcases selected comments from individual posts and emails received from subscribers through Contact in the navigation bar above.

  • “You’ve been getting negative lately. What’s the deal? Be Positive, honey!”
  • “I love The Dance and remember dancing like that in middle school. You go to school in Metuchen?”
  • “I might be Diane.”
  • “Perfect video from Annie Hall in Driving Me Crazy. Nicely done.”
  • “I kind of like the pod cast, not really for the content though. I’ve been hearing your rambling thoughts for a good chunk of my life, but rather to hear your voice, because I kind of forgot what it sounded like!”
  • “I’m worried about you.”
  • “Nice musical interlude.”
  • “Engelbert Humperdinck is one of the best singers ever. “Lonely is a man without love.” Great post.”
  • “Stop all the back and forth and stick to the facts!”
  • “Just finished re-remembering the Rudy Frimmel mention for the umpteenth time…funniest line of the movie…and finally had to look up “Rudy Frimmel”…which brings me here and your fine commentary. One note to ponder for all who care: Meredith’s last name is Willson…..yup, with two Ls…..1982 inductee into the Songwriters Hall of Fame. What an accomplishment!”
  • “You know what you’re not that funny.”
  • “You tell Bobby Bronco he can do standup in my kitchen anytime!”
  • “I had to wait a whole week to find out what the hell happened on that train, a whole week.”
  • ‘So you stalk people in the City and write about it?”
  • “You are a New Yorker who should be in The New Yorker. Or Rikers.”
  • “I was at that Thanksgiving parade.”
  • “I certainly hope you are joking about that sandwich….Has Arthur Avenue left you so totally bereft of taste buds….and dignity?”
  • “You kept your credit card in your underwear. I bet that gave you a charge.”
  • “Is Safeway a contraceptive?”
  • “Maybe you could get to the point. Jes sayin.”
  • “I like the jokes but give us titty hawk.”
  • “Get off twitter dude!”
“Please, Mister Postman,” written by Georgia Dobbins, William Garrett, Brian Holland, and Robert Bateman (1961, Tamla Records). Performed by The Marvelettes. Provided to YouTube by Universal Music Group.

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  1. Reading the Responses, these words from the poem, Adventures in New Testament Greek:Nous, by Scott Cairns, came to mind.
    …Dormant in its roaring cave, the heart’s intellectual aptitude grows dim, unless you find a way to wake it. So, let’s try something, even now.
    Even as you tend these lines, attend for a moment to your breath…
    Regard the breath’s cool descent, a stream from mouth to throat to the furnace of the heart. Observe that queer, cool confluence of breath and blood, and do your thinking there.

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