Mittwoch Matinee

That’s when he remembered that airports have bars and bars have gin and gin has been blessed by God….As he looked at the wall behind the bar he thought he must have died and gone to distillery heaven. It was filled with every liquor imaginable and decorated with Christmas lights, garlands, tinsel, plastic peppers, voodoo dolls, model airplanes, Belikin beer bottles, colored beads, hand-held fans, Playmate calendars, Chinese dragons, rhinestone cat clocks, tiki torches (again, with the tiki torches), clay Mayan figurines with pencil-length erections, fat Elvis photos, balsa wood airplanes, a blow-up Godzilla, votive candles, an enormous bleeding crucifix that looked like something from a Mel Gibson movie, a Yankee baseball pennant from the 1978 World Series, and an electric train that went around all of this, whistling and puffing smoke. 

The Gringo (Blumen Publishing)

Image credit: Spencer Pugh (feature). Like fiction? Check out the Mercury “trilogy” for Christmas (The Gringo, Laura Fedorahere. Also, go to Robert Brancatelli.

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