Mittwoch Matinee: at the Beach with Laura Fedora

So I watched this girl with a hat for a name. I could tell she was watching me back, waiting for me to say something smart, which I thought about doing but didn’t because, even though I was pissed, she was amazing. Her hair was this strange orange color like a bowl of yams, and when she smiled I thought it was the sexiest smile I’d ever seen. But as terrific as that was, what really got me were her feet, which were so clean she could have just gotten a pedicure. Maybe she did, maybe she didn’t, but when I tell you they were perfect I mean like feet you’d see in a glossy magazine. Her toenails were pink without a nick on them. I checked. Through the entire meeting I looked at them, even when Glenn was talking about the sports page and how I had to make room for the picture of the soccer team with that kid who moved here from Brazil. I’m tellin you, I couldn’t take my eyes off them…!

Excerpt from Laura Fedora (Blumen Publishing, 2015). It’s not too late. Order here.

Image credit: Dan Dumitriu. For more, go to Robert Brancatelli. The Brancatelli Blog is a member of The Free Media Alliance, which promotes “alternatives to software, culture, and hardware monopolies.” 

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