What the Hell?

I don’t know what’s going on, but I find it ironic that as soon as I retired, I twisted my knee in kickboxing, fell ill from the flu, poisoned myself with dated seafood salad, contracted Covid, which put me in bed for days, including my birthday, and had my pilgrimage to Egypt and the Holy Land canceled due to the war that has broken out in Gaza.

I am not so egotistical to think that God is testing me or that these events have anything to do with me. Well, the ones that resulted from my own stupidity have to do with me; namely, twisting my knee and eating two-day old seafood from Safeway. But, certainly, Covid and the situation in Israel are part of actual, collective suffering beyond my personal experience of a high fever and inconvenience.

But what interests me is not what has happened so much as the timing of the events, lending credibility to the old saw, “when it rains, it pours.” I have experienced similar irony around death, since it seems to arrive in threes, leaving the rest of us waiting and wondering when shoes number two and three will drop.

Those of you who are data scientists, mathematicians, or have endured a statistics course may argue that the “threeness” of death exists only in my imagination and how I group phenomena rather than any algorithmic reality. And even though it seems as if twisted knees, bad seafood, and viruses come in prepackaged bundles like an internet service, the prepackaging is my own doing rather than an act of God.

Or is it?

The fact that we see patterns doesn’t necessarily mean that we created those patterns. Have we not merely recognized what is already in our environment, rapping us in the back of the head until we wake up? I can claim that death occurs in threes, because I have experienced that. The misfortunes that have happened since my retirement are “real” no matter how much I try to explain them away. In fact, I could graph them, thus giving mathematical certitude not just to their existence but to the “irony” of it all happening in just one week.

I expect more to happen to me personally as well as, unfortunately, the people of Israel. By this I mean that even if you stick to your Kantian guns and insist that I have created patterns out of the whole cloth of my mind, you have to admit that every act we perform affects the rest of the world in some way. This is the Butterfly Effect. I experienced my own butterfly effect just yesterday morning.

I left Peet’s Coffee and crossed the street to go to the local UPS Store. As I made my way toward the store, an old woman called me over. She was bundled up for snow in the 90 degree heat. She asked for directions to a homeless shelter, showed me the card of the shelter, and asked for fifteen dollars for the fare to get there. I gave her a buck and wished her well. By the time I finished my business, I decided I would go back and give her the rest of the money. She was gone, of course. I looked for her but she had vanished.

Angel? you ask. I don’t know. That’s always a possibility. Ripple effect? I expect so. I could have given her the money or, better yet, arranged for a Lyft ride and waited for it to arrive for her. No sweat off my back even if, I’m sure, there must have been sweat on hers. I keep telling myself I failed the test. That buck will choke me someday. After all, she looked like Lucia, the blind, black fortune teller from summer camp (see Camp Blink).

That’ll be just my luck.

“Everything Happens to Me” (1940) by Tom Adair and Matt Dennis. Sung by Frank Sinatra with the Tommy Dorsey Orchestra.

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  1. I honestly don’t know what to think, Rob.

    People are often not who they say they are, panhandlers use money to support their addictions, Go Fund Me pages turn out to be scams, politicians campaign right and govern left, Black Lives Matter turns out (at least organizationally) to be a scam that suckered millions out of people and corporations, and invested the money in lovely homes for the BLM leaders.

    Israel against the Arab world has no end point that I can see. Hatred of Jews will continue no matter how much punishment the Jewish state may mete out to them. It’s a holy war, after all.

    Add to all this the border fiasco, partial birth abortion, political hypocrisy in general, climate hysteria and rampant crime which represents a very clear and present danger to each and every one of us. And, of course, we have the specter of Biden-Trump.

    Half the country would agree with what I just said, and the other half would fervently deny the truth of any of it. X (formerly Twitter) is ablaze with all sorts of venom on both sides of these issues.

    I really don’t think things are happening in three’s. They’re just happening, and they won’t stop.

    I’m searching for a path forward, something other than hiding away, but can’t seem to find it.

    1. You sound very concerned, Vic. Is it possible on one hand that you are taking things too seriously? Probably. But on the other hand everything you say is true. So, what’s to be done?

      I believe in taking personal responsibility and action. What does that mean? You have to decide for yourself, but I am doing things so that my family and I are less likely to be victims–politically, emotionally, spiritually, physically. I’m not talking about becoming a “prepper” (is that what they call them?) but just not living as victims.

      Another big thing is staying away from social media. I admire Musk but can’t handle much of what gets posted there. I am addicted to YouTube so have to wean myself from that. And legacy media? Cut them out of your life. It’s all propaganda.

      Become a modern Thoreau…

  2. Your experiences make me think of the line from ‘Hamlet”: ‘When sorrows come, they come not single spies but in battalions.”

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