Blog Pod #2: Hank’s Wall

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For original post, see Hank’s Wall, December 9, 2018. Want more? Go to Robert Brancatelli. The Brancatelli Blog is a member of The Free Media Alliance, which promotes “alternatives to software, culture, and hardware monopolies.”

“Ready to Go Home,” by Hank Williams (MGM Records 1957).


  1. Robert, that was a very thoughtful podcast. I’m sure it will strike a chord with many of your followers.

    I confess that, every now and then, I will drive past my old neighborhoods, which aren’t too far away from where I live now. In fact, the little house I lived in until I was six years old happened to have a moving van out front, as the current owners were moving out that very day. I introduced myself to the woman who was there and she graciously let me walk through the house.

    Much was as I remembered; other things had changed, as they do over the years. But it was a wonderful coincidence that allowed me to once again “live”in the house for a moment or two.

    Sense of peace? Not sure. But certainly a sense of connectedness, a sense of continuity, and an intense reminder of the passage of time.

    Miranda Lambert recorded a country song “The House That Built Me”. I think I’ll listen to it again right now.

  2. This is so poignant – I remember the original blog. Hank is unforgettable. I hope that spending some time on his wall gave his soul some peace. There’s a wall somewhere for each of us.

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